TOP’s Parrot Food

TOP’s Parrot Food aims to produce the highest quality parrot food with the healthiest ingredients you can find. You might want to read this article.

Welcome to the home of TOP’s Parrot Food your source of natural parrot food! We offer high quality  parrot food for your companion bird, made with sustainable ecologically grown ingredients!

The best for your bird is our first priority! Our TOP’s parrot pellets are cold pressed, which keeps the nutrition intact. The sustainable, ecologically grown ingredients of TOP’s  pellets are real food, no fillers. They can be fed to all size hook bills, from budgies to large macaws.

TOP’s Parrot Food, started in 2003 as a quest to create healthy and wholesome parrot food, made with real food, not fillers, processed as little as possible to keep the nutrition in tact. We use only the highest quality naturally clean, ecologically and sustainably grown ingredients. Our suppliers are very carefully chosen companies, which grow ecologically responsible.

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Over the years we added, at the request of customers, several new bird foods to our parrot pellets for parrots.

Now there are TOP’s Small Pellets, which are the  small version of our large pellets for small parrots or birds, which like to eat with their beak in their bowl. Parrots who like to hold their food in their feet prefer the pellet, no matter the size of the bird.

TOP’s All-in-One soak and dry human grade seed mix is  that can be feed dry or soaked for 8-12 hours. The soaking process awakens the nutrition a seed or grain needs to create a plant. This way it turns a dry seed or grain into a nutrition powerhouse, creating a highly nutritional parrot food. Most seeds parrots would eat in the wild are germinated, which is the same process as soaking them for any length of time.

TOP’s Napoleon’s  human grade seed mix is a creation for the small parrots. This  seed mix can also be soaked to increase the nutritional value.

TOP’s Tesoro Parrot Treat is our last creation. It is a human grade ingredient cracker treat for parrots and the one that is owned by them.

“What Happened to my Peanuts” A holistic approach to parrot nutrition by Gudrun Maybaum. The book is an assembly of articles which covers themes like the nutritional and medical value of a variety of vegetables and herbs, what natural supplements can be used for parrots, how to convert a bird to a new food, why and how to feed seeds and much more.