TOP's Parrot Food: Celebrating 15 Years in 2018!

Healthy Bird. Happy Life.

Feed your companion parrot like family with a balanced diet of healthy and wholesome food that is nutritious, GMO-free and made with high-quality organic ingredients. 

Proper Nutrition = A Healthy Parrot

Parrots of all sizes love to eat, so when you give them the proper nutrition they can be at their best for you. Healthy, natural foods like TOP's cold-pressed pellets and natural seed mixtures are the perfect way to start their day.

Quality Parrot Food for Any Size Hookbill

No artificial ingredients, colors, preservaties, and GMO-free

Our Story

TOP's Parrot Food. Est. 2003.

TOP’s Parrot Food™ was established in 2003 by renowned parrot expert Gudrun Maybaum and is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2018. Like you, we are passionate about parrots of all sizes and care deeply about their nutrition. Our mission is to provide you and your companion parrots with the highest quality food available, that's why we use only locally-sourced, organic, all-natural, and GMO-free ingredients from carefully chosen suppliers for our specialized pellets and seed mixes. You'll never see any dyes, artificial ingredients or fillers, like corn or soy, in our products. Afterall, healthy food makes healthy birds and our wish is for you and your parrot to have a long, happy and fulfilling friendship together.  


"It’s a miracle! A pelleted food that my cockatiel and budgies will eat! I have tried nearly every pellet on the market, or at least eight or nine so far. I’ve tried the gradual conversion trick, the mirror trick, sneaking pellets into their oatmeal, and creating Australian grassland habitats on the bottom of the cage, complete with sprouted wheatgrass. Nothing worked until I tried TOP's. I offered one to my cockatiel and he ate it, no tricks involved, and asked for more. It’s been several weeks, and he still loves them. The budgies like them too. I still give them fresh cooked food for dinner, but now have something that’s safe to leave in their cage all day without spoiling. It’s nice to finally have pellets that get eaten, not thrown away.

Thanks for saving my sanity!"


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