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Thank you for offering a great peanut-free product. My son has a life-threatening peanut allergy and I have found it increasingly difficult to find high-quality organic peanut-free pellets and seed mixes for our flock. I purchased your product and all seven of my birds (Umbrella Cockatoo, three Caiques, Hahn’s Macaw, Sun Conure, and Green Cheek Conure) love your TOP pellets. Now I can feed my birds the best food available without fear of bringing dangerous peanuts into our home. Thank you!



It’s a miracle! A pelleted food that my cockatiel and budgies will eat! I have tried nearly every pellet on the market, or at least 8 or 9 so far. I’ve tried the gradual conversion trick, the mirror trick, sneaking pellets into their oatmeal, and creating Australian grassland habitats on the bottom of the cage, complete with sprouted wheatgrass. Nothing worked until I tried TOPS. I offered one to my cockatiel and he ate it, no tricks involved, and asked for more. It’s been several weeks, and he still loves them. The budgies like them too. I still give them fresh cooked food for dinner, but now have something that’s safe to leave in their cage all day without spoiling. It’s nice to finally have pellets that get eaten, not thrown away.

Thanks for saving my sanity!



My order arrived yesterday … always in impressive condition as your packing job & labeling of “fragile” is so extremely wonderful! Goodness gracious, I wish more business folk were as efficient & sharp as you!!!! Not only is your Customer Service first-class … but your shipping / packing of product is the best I’ve ever seen. Thank you for your great care in doing so … AND for using paper for packing, as it is recyclable!



I want to say that I am really happy with the TOP ingredients and the fact that my dusky conure really enjoys the pellets and seed mix. He loves to hold the pellets in his foot and gets very excited when I refill his dish! I appreciate having organic food for my parrot since I try to eat organic food myself if possible. Honestly, I wish I ate as healthy as he does


Dena Montgomery


Hey there,

I saw you speak at the Bird Club meeting a while back, and picked up some of the pellets and seeds. They went through them pretty fast, so we picked up a huge bag shortly after that. Well since then it has turned into our 2 green-cheek conures favorite food! I used to refill the bowl once or twice a week. And now I’m doing it just about every day.

We have several bowls of pellets/seeds and they are free to choose what they want. We also do a bowl of fresh veggies every day, and they often skip past it to get to the totally organics pellets.

Thank you for this awesome healthy snack to add to their play area… they love it. And I’m happy to buy it in bulk over at the Bizee Bird store in Beaverton, it’s perfect for me 🙂




I can’t believe I finally found a pellet my U2, CAG and Sun Conure will eat!!! Thank you so much for your great product!! Do you sell pellets for smaller birds? I also have a cockatiel and lovebird. Thanks again, you found a steady customer!!!

Karen 🙂


Since Lenny has had your pellets in his bowl again, his yellow “stress bars” are starting to go away.



Greetings, First, let me tell you that I have two rescue cockatiels and they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pellets. They were very hard core seed eaters and refused every pellet I tried. But from the first day that I put TOPS in their bowls, they dug in!

I just received the email about your new book. Will it be coming out as an eBook?

Thank you for all you do.


Kym Keeley


Thanks for your help, I got the bird food just in the knick of time! My african grey loves this stuff!



Gudrun, I’m almost finished with your book. THANK YOU! Even the skeptics should be able to read and apply. Let’s hope!



Ok, here’s proof!! PICKY eaters will indeed LOVE this product! Thank you so much for all your help and support in keeping my fids in tip, top shape!!! *HUGS*

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Hi Gudrun,

Got the TOP’s yesterday and tried them today, boy do they ever smell and taste “green”! (yes, I taste everything that is to go into the beaks) Smokey dug right in and ate his entire ration, and although Frankie was skeptical at first when I put a few on top of her grains and veggie lunch bowl she ate them all too. So far the only hold out is Chico, which is not unusual she often takes a while to try new things. So I have to say a success for us!

Anne and the Grey Feathers


Dear Gudrun,

I can’t thank you enough for your most excellent product! I hope you continue to grow and expand your line of wonderful food products. A pleasure to do business with you, will be ordering again in the very near future!!

Thanks again,



Well, I have to tell you I put some of your pellets in with the Harrisons and Widgeon ate them first! He loved them! I had no problem feeding your pellets to him. NONE!!! This amazed me. You have a convert in me! Your pellets are terrific! Widgeon devours your pellets. He even leaves his seeds alone and eats your pellets.



I just wanted to tell you that my Quaker loves your TOP pellets. My Eclectus “sorta” chews on them, but he has never eaten ANY pellets since he was a baby. They had started him on colored **** fruit-flavored pellets and I took him off those. He has never eaten pellets of ANY kind since then.



I want let you know how much I enjoyed receiving your new organic pellets. (TOP Organic Bird Pellets) My cockatiel, who is a very picky eater, actually devours them! It’s the first pellet any of my birds have touched. We are working on getting the Senegal to eat them but the ‘tiel really needed the nutrition as he has been doing some plucking. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with it, but he has not been plucking since a few days after he began eating the pellets! Thank you for giving us an affordable choice of pellets.



I am thrilled with your new organic pellet food (TOP Pellets) for parrots- or I should say all my parrots are delighted. I have had parrots for over 25 years, and this is the first food that all my birds immediately liked.

Rosie (our youngest 2yr.- hybrid Amazon); Peppie (African grey 10yrs.) ; Gonzoo (umbrella cockatoo 10yrs.); Peg Leg- (red wing blue front Amazon 33 yrs.) and Carmen (red head Amazon- 8 yrs.) Over the years I have tried many organic pelleted food- and with all new food it would take at least 3 to 4 days for the birds to gradually accept the new food. This was not the case with your parrot food- when I opened your parrot food it smelled sweet and very fresh- but the biggest surprise was that ALL my birds loved it. I did not have to gradually introduce the new food to them. I am absolutely thrilled with your new parrot food.

It is a pleasure ordering from you – your knowledge of birds and friendliness can’t be beat.

Thank you again,
Elaine Kosty
League City, Texas